19 Jun 2016

Sky Blue turning grey

Sometimes you just cant wait to finish a project - either because you are so excited with the delightful anticipation of wearing it - or because you simply can't get the project done fast enough so you can get on to something else.

I can't wait to finish this jumper - for both reasons.

 I love that different light weight yarns are used for body and sleeves, and I love the lightness of the jumper. The yarns are beautiful and so light and soft that it feels like wearing nothing at all.

The sleeves are knitted in a thin one threaded alpaca, which proved to be tricky almost impossible to knit evenly and I must admit that fiddling with the thin smooth yarn on double pointed needles have made me silently swear. Nothing wrong with the yarn though. It's my own decision to use this delicate yarn on its own even though it's meant to be the extra thread to spice up your knitting.  

This is also the jumper with three sleeves. Almost done with the first sleeve I tried it on, and it fitted perfectly, actually it was too perfect - it was too tight. Such a thin and delicate fabric looks better if there is bit more fluffiness and room for the elbow to bend.

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day everyone. I hope you had a fabulous day bringing your passion out in the open. I stayed at home yesterday - not feeling at my best, but I enjoyed the couch, a couple of films on the iPad and hours of delicate sleeve knitting.

How did you celebrate WWKP day? I would love to hear.

Sleeves: Blackhill Alpaca (lace) colour: 'lys rullesten' -
Body: Wool and cashmere (2 ply) coulour: 'antracit' - both from www.garnudsalg.dk

Pattern: (in Danish)
Sky Blue from the book 'Blue notes' by Susie Haumann.
The original is knitted in beautiful baby blue grey tones. My version is made up of two shades of grey.


  1. Hvor ser den let og luftig ud. Er sikker på den bliver lækker, så kan godt forstå din utålmodighed med at få den færdig ;-)

    1. Den er meget let og jeg tror den bliver rigtig god. Der er ikke andet for end at bide tænderne sammen og få gjort den færdig. Tusind Tak for din hilsen.

  2. Uh ja, den tynde tråd er i grunden fantastisk lækker alene. Og så har du præsteret et ekstra ærme, se det kalder jeg effektivitet. Hav en god weekend.

    1. Tak for din søde kommentar. Jeg følte mig ikke specielt effetiv med det tynde garn, men resultatet er udemæret og jeg pønser på at strike en lyserød trøje også med enkelt tråd - om lidt skal lige have noget andet mellem fingrene først. Hvad har du på pindene? god weeend når det bliver den tid.