13 Jul 2016

Balle's Bazaar Boutique - now open

We probably all daydream once in while. I have a confession to make - I daydream a lot. In those dreams I am full-time creative. I run workshops, create and publish online knitting courses, design a jumper or two and sell my creations in a tiny little boutique.

Daydreams have the tendency to remain a fantasy and mine (mines, as I have several) is likely to have the same destiny. One actual achievement though is Balle's Bazaar Boutique, and you can find it right here on the blog by choosing the second tab.

The first products available in the boutique are a series of colorful baby vests sizes 3, 6, 12-18 and 24 months. They are all hand knitted (by me) in a lovely 100% super wash merino wool - machine washable at 40C. Have a look. I ship worldwide and if you want different color combinations or sizes, let me know, and I can make one for you.

If (when) I manage to turn my daydreams into reality there will more products available in the boutique. I fantasize of kitchen accessories like dish cloths, oven mittens, tea towels, aprons etc. or something completely different.  Let's see how it all turns out.

What would spark your interest? I would love to hear.

All the best. Jane


  1. Det er bare så skønt når man kan realisere bare nogle af sine drømmer. Det er nogle fine små baby-veste, og det skal nok have interesse for dem, der står og skal bruge en ting til barselsgave. god fornøjelse med det.

    1. Tusind tak Mona. Ja, når man sådan kommer ud over rampen er det dejligt at se nogle af de mange tanker der rumler I hovedet kommer ud I virkeligheden. Jeg har solgt en del af babyvestene, så indtil nu er jeg rigtig godt tilfreds.