26 Apr 2016

Autumn or is it winter already?

It is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and the evening darkness creeps in early.

So far since we've moved in into our house we've had our evening dinners outside on the balcony or the terrasse but now we cocoon indoors and had a delicious pulled pork wrap while watching the home cooks taking on the grand final of My Kitchen Rules.

Asger in his PJ on the sofa under the duvet and me with the ambition of finishing off the grey cardigan I've been working on (on and off) since Christmas. More pictures to come, but for now a little sneak peak.

What do you enjoy making today? 


  1. Det ser da bare så hyggeligt ud.

    1. Ja ikke. Det har været dejligt med udelivet men også hyggeligt at krybe indendørs en gang I mellem. I morgen melder de op til 29 grader, så det ligner jo ikke vinter mere.