23 May 2016

Thoughts after the first Craft n' Coffee

So the first Craft n' Coffee event was a success.

In the days leading up to the event I suddenly felt nervous of whether anybody would come, whether this was a good idea after all, and why I had been so stupid to publically announce 'my certain route to failure'.

Of course I had no reason to worry. 3 lovely ladies, a collegue, a fellow Dane and a local Mum, joined me in the crafty spirit. A first time knitter, who had taught herself the art of knitting by watching YouTube videos, and a couple of experienced knitters who could help her with advice, tips and tricks.

We had such a great evening with lots of chatter and laughs - buckets of tea - and no coffee - despite the evening title. All appreciated the initiative and definitely wanted to meet again. For sure I said.

So the next Craft n’ Coffee will be Thursday 9 June 7:30pm AEST.

This is one of my (many) ideas and dreams: to promote hand crafting, gather beautiful crafters to share inspiration and passion. Maybe the Craft n' Coffee events could be the pre-cursor for 'learn to knit' workshops. That would be a dream comes true!!!

My obstacle though is to learn all the knitting specific vocabulary in English.
Do you have any good recommendations for the best way to acquire that expertise?

I wish you a lovely night - or day - wherever you are. Cheers, Jane


  1. Hej Jane
    Jeg lærte i sin tid at strikke ved at google alle udtrykkene, fordi jeg kun fandt opskrifter jeg kunne lide på engelsk. Resultatet blev, at jeg strikker fint på engelsk, men ikke forstår en dansk strikkeopskrift, om mit liv så afhang af det....overdrivelse fremmer osv...
    Her er dog et par links, der måske kan hjælpe:
    Denne liste indeholder også vejledninger:
    Pøj pøj og mange hilsner fra en strikker i København

    1. Tusind tak for hjælpen. En guldgrube af information som jeg glæder mig til at dykke ned i. Der findes mange flotte engelske opskrifter. Jeg er glad for Brooklyn Tweet og Kim Hargreaves. Hvad er dine favoritter?