8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day - a day of precious memories

Happy Mother's Day to my lovely Mum and to all of you amazing Mums out there.

A day to appreciate everything our Mums have done for us, and for our kids to appreciate us for everything we do for them. Asger made breakfast for me (and the rest of the family). He actually did it last Sunday too, because we thought it was Mother's Day then, but he wanted (self declared) to do it again today.

Apart for a delicious breakfast I got to do what I really enjoy doing - textile printing.

In the love for simplicity the theme is black and white These prints these prints will later be turned into the next batch of cosmetics pouches.

My Grandfather made the stamps. He cut the pattern in linoleum, glued them to wooden blocks and my Grandmother (Mormor) used them to make gorgeous fabrics and turned them into totes, tea cozies, pillows, tablecloths, napkins, aprons and more.

I have two large boxes filled with different stamps. Some with rabbits, eggs and flowers to celebrate Easter and gnomes, hearts, cantles, Santa to make adorable Christmas tapestry and table cloths.

When I was a kid, I went to my Grandma's every December to create Christmas presents with these stamps. My Mum still decorate for Christmas with the table cloths I made for her 40 years ago.

I was reminded of my Grandma today while printing away. I hear her instructions for how to apply just the right amount of paint for the print to be even and beautiful. My Grandma would've loved the thought of her stamps going all the way to Australia and giving me so much joy. They are very precious to me and I think of them as one of my greatest treasures.

A lovely Mother's Day is ending. A spicy Thai soup is in the making. It has turned dark outside and we have lid a few candles. I feel so blessed for beautiful memories and my family who has made this day to special.

What made your day special? and how do you appreciate your Mum and Grandmother?

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