4 Jan 2018

Welcome 2018 and good bye for now

2017 has ended and 2018 is a few days old.
We have had such a lovely Christmas break with family visiting from overseas. We have had days on the beach and days spent indoors reading books and playing board games. We have had huge quantities of coffee, red wine and delicious food, and there has been time to knit and time to reflect.

I do not do new years resolutions, but instead decide on a word that symbolizes the them of the new year. The word for 2018 is FOCUS.  Focus is less procrastination, less fiddling around and less spreading my attention and multitasking. Focus is also conscious choices of what I spend my time on and where I spend my energy, and a need to reduce the number of areas requiring my attention.
Some things have to give, and I have decided to pause the Balle's Bazaar blog.

Balle's Bazaar will however continue to be very active on Instagram and on Ravelry so please check out @ballesbazaar on Instagram and ballesbazaar on Ravelry to follow me there. Here you can also find a recap of my knitting projects of 2017.

2017 was a great year. Most importantly the pattern for the Agnes shawl was released into the World. Thank you all for the positive reception. It has meant so much for me and I am truly grateful for the attention you have given Agnes. 

My goal is to release at least 2 additional designs in 2018 so please stay tuned for that.

Balle's Bazaar blog started in August 2010 and many of you have followed the blog since the early beginnings. You have followed and commented on crafty creations, personal ups and downs and you have followed our relocation from Denmark to Sydney in 2012. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your patience, support, encouragement and most of all for being such a loving and inspiring community. 

I sincerely hope we have (or will be) reconnected via other social media channels - Instagram and Ravelry. 

Cheers, Jane

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