18 Jun 2017

Baby vests for my grand nephew

It is not that I haven't thought of you all and of this blog over the last half year. Basically it has been on my mind for at least once a week - but hey I am only human, and life gets in the way sometimes leaving too little time for the blog.

I have been knitting and I have been knitting a lot the past 6 months. One of my goals this year is to create and publish my first pattern. This has now reached the final stages and I promise to tell you much more about it soon.

Today I wanted to show you what is on its way to my grand nephew in Norway. Two baby vests, made in 100% merino wool, and they are so soft and squishy I wish I was the one they were intended to.

By the way, would you be interested in getting this pattern in English?
I am contemplating the option of translating this very popular and frequently used Danish pattern into English, but first I need to find out whether it's at all allowed? and who to ask?

On top of that, I have made two oven mitts for Magnus' parents. I have stamp printed the fabric with my beloved grand mother's stamps. I love them, and I love to think, my grand father made them for her back in the 50'ies and now they are revived in my creative adventures.

For Magnus this prints will connect him back to his great great grandmother - fascinating thought, don't you think.

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