9 Oct 2016

GrandPa's Vest

I guess we all know the feeling - discovering too late we haven't sorted out the birthday present in time. With the family living overseas we always have to include delivery time or arrange for the presents to be ready for to whenever there are visitors coming here or we are going there.

We've had the pleasure of my parents in-Law visiting us over the last weeks, but the night before their arrival it suddenly dawned on me, that we were a birthday present behind. What to do? they were arriving the next morning?

Well - I can knit my Father In-Law a nice woolen vest, I said.

- and so I did.
We gave him a gift card, he chose the pattern and the yarn and I started knitting.
Luckily we had a road-trip planned and I got plenty of hours to knit while on the road (in the passenger seat of course).

So after a week it was finished.

It is a modified Matthew's Vest by Joanna Johnson.
I have chosen to knit the vest in a thinner yarn, so with the different gauge the pattern and number of stiches were recalculated. Also when starting on the cables, I didn't have the pattern at hand. Thinking I could remember the cable design I continued on. My cables are therefore slightly different to the original, but my Father (and Mother In-Law) assured me they didn't mind the alteration.

Great knit and a beautiful result.

A modification of Matthew's Vest by Joanna Johnson - from Green Gables Knits, available for purchase on Ravelry.
Yarn:  170 gram Blackhill Wool, colour 'mørk rullesten' from www.garnudsalg.dk
Needles: 2,5 and 3,25 circular needles.

As always the Blackhill Wool is a pleasure to knit with. The weight is perfect for a warm but not too bulky garment. After the first wash it is so soft and smooth. The fit and the colour is perfect for GrandPa, and a vest has the extreme advantage of NO SLEEVES!!!

Happy crafting. Jane


  1. Super flot herretrøje. Enkel og klassisk - og super lækker.

    1. Tusind tak Mona. Jeg synes ogsaa den blev rigtig fin. Og Farfar blev meget glad.

    2. Hvor kunne han andet ;o)